About Us


An Internet Christian Radio Station
Bigloo Christian Radio is an internet based Christian radio station located in a suburb of Cincinnati, OH. which began as a simple hobby when it was noticed that there weren't many Christian formatted stations on the Live365.com servers back in 1999. We decided to create a playlist of our favorite songs, most of which never made it to becoming a single on the radio. Our hope was simple... pray that people would listen and be touched by the songs and messages, and offer an alternative to mainstream music. After two years the station became more than a hobby as more and more listeners began to tune in daily.

Today, Bigloo Christian Radio is a professional internet radio station. We continue to refine our music playlists and create programming that will enhance your days, and we  have purchased streaming servers so that you can listen to our broadcast at a high quality of sound, while allowing those on dial-up to still enjoy the music of Bigloo Christian Radio. Bigloo Christian Radio is non-profit and is brought to you out of love.  To listen to our broadcast, please click here.

Our programming is streamed using servers owned and operated by digiSTREAM. We also utilize the services of Loudcity.net. All licensing and certificates for ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange are held by Loudcity.net for Bigloo Christian Radio as part of their terms of service. Our music format is primarily Adult Contemporary (AC), however we do offer programming which includes Inspirational, Praise
and Worship, Christian Hit Radio (CHR) and Christian Rock.

Bigloo Christian Radio prides itself in supporting numerous Independent Christian Artists. In addition to playing "Indie" music within our daily playlists, we produce a weekly program which feature only Independent artists. If you are an Independent Christian artist or band, and would like to have your music considered for airplay on our station, please click here.

On-Air Personalities
There are numerous professionals that help Bigloo Christian Radio in it's broadcast. Although Bigloo Christian Radio is actually a "one-man operation", there are those that create voice-overs, sweepers, liners and voice tracks. These are professionals that are hired to help promote Bigloo Christian Radio and create imaging for the station.

Bigloo Christian Radio thanks these fine folks for the help they have given the station throughout the years:

Bob Dittman

Jeff Straub

Penny Galloway

Ray Gauthier

Jeffrey Hutchens

Seegers Media Services

Jennifer Steele-Mitchell

247 Radio On Air

How You Can Help
So how can you help support Bigloo Christian Radio? While we ask you to consider donating towards the work of Bigloo Christian Radio, the best way to support our work is by including us in your daily prayers. The Lord works in mysterious ways and we feel that he has included this station for a reason. If you know of someone who is looking for music to listen to while surfing the Internet, ask them to give us a listen. Your support of Bigloo Christian Radio is much appreciated.

For more information on how to donate, click here.