Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you choose the name "Bigloo" for the station name?
Long story short - I used to be the webmaster for the group 4Him ( Kirk Sullivan, from the group, used to call me "big Lou". When thinking about a name, his voice saying "big Lou came to mind and so, I adopted it. I used "Bigloo" thinking it would be a cool play on words. What I did was forget that in the UK a "loo" is a toilet. I remembered this long after the station started up, so the name stuck.

What kind of music does Bigloo Christian Radio Play?
We broadcast Christian Pop, Christian Inspirational, Christian Adult Contemporary and Christian Rock

How do I Tune In?
You must have a MP3 player which supports MP3 streaming.

You can use WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Realplayer or Itunes (for Mac users) just to name a few.

Once you've installed one of the above players, go to our "Listen" page and click on the proper link to listen.

iTunes tells me your servers are full.
iTunes is a great program, but it has problems playing our links sometimes. When you click one of our listen links, we send your player a list of servers. If the first one on the list is full, the player "should" move on to the second, third, etc. until it finds one that it can connect to (one that is not full). iTunes often fails to do this.

If iTunes is your default player and you click our Broadband link on this web site (rather than using one of the Bigloo Christian Radio selections in the iTunes radio directory) you'll see a bunch of entries labeled "Bigloo Christian Radio" in your iTunes library (or almost any program for that matter). If you try those one at a time, you should find one that will connect.

Another option is to install a different player. We recommend Winamp (for Windows) or VLC (for Macs). The Winamp installation is pretty straightforward.

How can I listen with the best sound quality?
To listen, you'll need to download and install one of the above mentioned players.

Once you've installed one of the above players, go to our "Listen" page and click on the proper link.

Broadband - Great Quality, ideal for home or office. Must have a broadband connection.

I'm a Mac user. Can I listen with my Mac?
Yes! You can listen using Itunes or WinAmp for Mac.

To use itunes, simply choose the iTunes link on the "Listen" page.

Which MP3 Player should I use?
Many music players support MP3 streaming (WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Realplayer or Itunes, etc). (We recommend WinAmp or Windows Media Player. They're FREE).

Once you've installed the player, just click on the "Listen" link on the menu.

Am I able to listen to your broadcast on more than one computer in my home or office?
Yes and no. If you are sharing the same IP number, you are limited with the number of simultaneous connections allowed. Let's say you were in a house or business with say five computers and they all use the same IP number on the internet. You won't be able to hear music on all of the computers because of the limits imposed. The solution would be to have each computer have it's own IP number. Please see your internet service provider for this. If you require more than one connection with the same IP number (I.E. office, school, etc), please contact us and we will make certain the number of connections you require are available.

Why are there limits on the number of connections a single IP number can have?
Simply put, the music we broadcast is copyrighted material, and we must do all we can to ensure that the copyrighted material is not illegally obtained. Limiting the number of connections a single IP can help deter people from illegally obtaining our broadcast. We understand that our listeners do not record or copy our broadcast, however it is our obligation to do what we can to deter such activities should they occur. If you require more than one connection with the same IP number (i.e. office, school, etc), please contact us and we will make certain the number of connections you require are available.

How can I support Bigloo Christian Radio?
Bigloo Christian Radio is privately owned and operated, and is listener supported. We pay for the expense of running this station out of love and we only ask our listeners to donate if they can. Our goal is simply to provide one of the best selections of contemporary Christian music to the public via the Internet. Since we're a public radio station, we must also pay for the license fees, bandwidth, music, equipment, etc. required to keep it online. Any help that you provide is appreciated. And, as always, we understand that contributing money is just not an option for some. All streams and services at Bigloo Christian Radio are open to everyone. Click here for information on donating...

Note: Donations to Bigloo Christian Radio are not tax deductible.

I hear the station skipping, buffering or sometimes just not on the air. Why is that?
This means that either there's a lot of net congestion between you & the server (in which case you should try back later), or that your connection bandwidth isn't high enough. In Windows, on a modem connection, you can check your connection speed by clicking on the modem icon in your system tray (lower right hand part of your screen) while you're connected. If it's lower than 40kbps, you'll have problems listening to the 64kb webcast. You can try disconnecting & connecting again - or contact your Internet service provider for help. In some cases you'll just need to tune in using the 24k stream.

Skipping and buffering can also be due to our internet provider having "downtime", electrical outages, computers crashing, etc. All of these items can happen with any internet station. If these are indeed the problem, please accept our apologies and know that we are working on correcting the problem as soon as possible.

I've loaded WINAMP, but RealPlayer keeps opening when I click the links under "WinAmp".
On RealPlayer, go to 'View' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Upgrade'. At the bottom of that box, under 'Media Types', click the 'Re-associate' button. Un-check the boxes marked 'Mpeg Audio' and 'MP3 Playlists'. Click 'OK' twice & you're done.

Do you accept requests?
Simply put, yes. However before your requested song is played, it may take an hour or more before you hear it on the air. This all depends on if the song has already played, or if DMCA regulations prevent us from playing the song.

Why do I have to wait an hour or more to hear my requests?
DMCA regulations restrict us from playing your request for one hour after receiving the request. Additionally, we get many requests and may be backlogged in requests. You're request may be played sooner, however, if it is already on our playlist prior to your requesting the song. Our "home page" and "Listen" page both show the last ten songs that were played as well as the current song playing.

Do you play music from Independent Christian Artists??
Yes, we broadcast independent Christian music. We offer the Indie Hour (twice daily), and throughout the day, indie music is mixed into our playlist. Some indie's have gone to number one on our top 20 charts. We also offer indie music in our syndicated programming.

How can I get my band's music on Bigloo Christian Radio?
If you are an independent artist, we encourage you to send us your music for possible airplay. Simply click on the Submit Music link at the top of the page. If you are an artist signed to a record label, simply ask your record label or management to contact us via email. We are a member of Promo Only and Musicrypt and can accept music via those venues. Alternatively, they can send us CD's at the address found on the "Submit Music" page.

Contact us for more info