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Bigloo Christian Radio - Signing Off

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Bigloo Christian Radio is Off The Air!

Bigloo Christian Radio began broadcasting on July 1, 1999. After 15 years of continuous music and top syndicated programming, a decision was make to discontinue broadcasting Bigloo Christian Radio.

The decision was made due to the rising cost of servers, bandwidth, music, etc. In short, there was just a lack of funds to sustain the stations continued programming..

We appreciate the many people who have frequented our station. We will continue to pray for you. We've been blessed to be able to touch many hearts with our programming. Your letters of encouragement are what kept us going through many tough times.

However, all is not lost. We invite you to listen to a station operated by a brother in Christ. Lead Me To The Rock Radio, , is a wonderful ministry that plays much of the same programming as Bigloo Christian Radio. They are based out of Sacramento, California, and we know you will be blessed when listening to their programming.

May God bless each of you, and may he enrich your lives, today and everyday to come.

Louis Rivera
Program Director
Bigloo Christian Radio

Listen to Lead Me To The Rock Radio


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